What is Search Engine and How does it Work?

Do you know What is Search Engine and how it works? Along with this, I am going to give you some more information in today’s article. The time is of the Internet and the Internet is nothing without information. Whenever a question comes to your mind, in this 21st century, even the crows do not ask the people around them or their teachers. They take out their mobile directly and write whatever question is in their mind. They get the answer within a few seconds.

Whenever there is an argument between friends with a question, the answer is also in the Internet, you search for a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing. But if we talk about the 1990s, there was no concept where you search for something and find it immediately. There was no internet at that time.

There are thousands of questions in the minds of people nowadays and everyone says that they will find a search in the internet. This young generation calls it Google, brother. This is the search engine that we will tell our readers today in this article. We’ll find out the information about Google, Yahoo and Bing in this article, so let’s get started.

What is Search Engine?

Search Engine

Search engine is a program. Or, the search engine is a program that searches for a user’s question from the internet’s unlimited database (called keyword/phrase) and displays the information it receives on the search result page. Just like Google does. Every question is searched on the world wide web.

Whatever search is done on the internet, it works to show the exact result of the search engine. Some search engines are named “Google, Yahoo, Bing”. Let me explain it to you well with an example. If a question comes to your mind, you immediately start searching for Google which is a search engine. Your question is “What is a computer and how does it work?”

The search engine searches for this question in all the websites on the Internet. Where these questions match, the names of those websites will appear in the first page of the search result. After that, you can click on one of the links and read the answer to “What is a computer and how it works”.

The question is called a keyword in the language of the Internet. So now a question must have come to your mind, by the way, this search engine means Google, Yahoo, Bing, how does it work. Those who search for information also give the correct answer, so let’s know-how.

Names of Major Search Engines – Search Engine List

There are a lot of search engines in the world, but here we are presenting the most popular search engine list for you.

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Ask.com
  • AOL.com
  • Baidu
  • Wolframalpha
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Internet Archive
  • Yandex.ru
Indian Search Engine Name

Where there are so many search engines, how does our country retreat? Here’s a list of some Indian search engines for you. It’s not all so popular but works somewhat well.

  • 123Khoj
  • Epic Search
  • Bhanvad
  • Guruji

How Search Engine Works?

Search Engine

In advance, you have been told that whatever questions, text, text, words are written in your browser’s search engine search, they are called keywords. If you write “what is search engine” in Google, this is the keyword. This keyword is found on the world wide web. When this keyword matches the content of a website’s title or article and matches with tags, it shows it in the search result. This was for the common man, understand a little technically.

The search engine works in three steps. First of all, crawling, indexing, ranking and retrieval know about these three in detail.


Crawling means to find. And understand well enough to acquire all the data of one website or to get the complete information of one website. In this process, scan the website, what is the title of the page, information of keywords, how many keywords are there in the content, images and page are linked with the website. But in today’s modern crawler, you can copy the entire cache of a webpage by the time. Along with this, how is the page layout, where the advertising is, where the links are given, it is also stored.

How does the search engine crawl a website? There is a self-propelled bot that searches for every new and old page called discovery. Bots are also called spiders, who visit cores pages every day. But don’t like us or you do the read-only faster.

According to Google, it visits 100 to 1000 pages in about a second. When bots find a new page, it is a gift to send it to back-end processing (page title, meta tag, keywords, backlinks, images, videos). And then checks that the pages are linked to this page from angle angles and angles to it.

Whenever a new page is found, the same process is repeated. Crawling+backend processing+indexing. This is followed by page indexing without google never showing the correct search result. But there are some websites that you can search for through the TOR network.


Don’t put too much emphasis on your mind, it’s very easy to understand indexing. Indexing is a process where all the data that is found through the crawl has to be placed in the database. Take an example, you have all the books. You have to crawl the author name of those books, the books name, every page of the books, but it is indexing to list all these details. Now let’s talk about this, the search engine does not just crawl a website, but also crawls and indexes all the websites in the world.

According to the Google search convention, google spider crawls about 3 trillion pages every day. This means that Google has a library of all the information it has in the world.
Google Search Engine is a large server of data. Where data is stored in thousands of millions of petabyte drives.

Ranking and Retrieval

This is the last step of the search engine, but this last step is more complex. Because when you search in some Google, the first thing to do is to search the information of which you are searching for exactly the same information that you are searching for. People trust the search engine only when they find out the user-relevant content. For this, Google uses some algorithms. Algorithms that work according to certain parameters. Some of which are content age, content keyword, content page title.

Google has 200 factors for page ranking. Through which it is found out that on searching, the page should appear at which position of Google Home the search result should appear. It’s hard to understand the rank algorithm. Because which of the 1 billion web pages is google searched and shown on the first page? By the way, all the hackers are putting their minds to hacking the ranking factors.

The earlier ranking was estimated at how many times the keyword has been used in the post and how many backlinks are there, these are the biggest easily ranked site. For a few years now, google ranking factors have become very difficult to get rid of. Every year Google is changing its algorithm. Because Google allows sites that are really important to come first. Something like this makes the search engine work in these three steps.

History of Search Engine

The job of all the search engines was the same to search and display data on the internet. In the Surawati days, the search engine was nothing but a collection of a file transfer protocol. Data had to be found from all the servers that were connected to each other. The worldwide web was the only way to connect to the internet. The search engine was created because it was not so easy to locate the web server and file.

The first search engine was a school project, the name of which is Alan Emtage. In 1990, he was a student at McGill University. So now let’s know when and how different search engine engines were built.


Excite was born in February 1993. Excite was also a university project and the name of that project was Architext. There were 6 undergraduate students in this project. Stanford University’s project took the form of a crawling search engine until 1995. Due to its considerable growth, it also bought web-crawler and Magellan. It eventually entered into a partnership with MSN and Netscape.


Its name is still there, you must have known that it was born in 1994. It started at Stanford University. It was started by Jerry Yang and David Fillo in 1994. Both were graduate students of electrical engineering. When he created a website called “Jerry and David to guide to the world wide web”. This guide was a directory that organized other websites and other websites. In 1994, Yahi Guide took the form of Yahoo. yahoo.com domain was registered on January 18, 1995.


It is a meta-search engine that was born on April 20, 1994. It showed the top results of both Google and Yahoo. In which you can easily search for audio, video, news. The name of the creator is Brian Pinkerton At The University of Washington.


He was also born in 1994. It provides a web portal service along with search. It started at Carnegie Mellon University. It also serves email, web hosting, social networking and entertainment websites.


Infoseek is also a very popular search engine, born in 1994, whose founder was Steve Kirsch. Infoseek is operated by INFOSEEK Corporation. Its headquarter in Sunnyvale, California. The company was bought by The Walt Disney Company in 1998 and later joined Yahoo and has no name yet.


He was born in 1995. It is a widely used search engine in ancient times. It was purchased by Yahoo in 2003. But brands and services belonged to AltaVista. But in July 2013, all services were discontinued by Yahoo and were redirected to the Yahoo search engine.


Inktomi was born in 1996. His founder was UC Berkeley professor Eric Brewer and a graduate student named Paul Gauthier. Initially, it was also a search engine that was developed at the university.


Its name is still there today ASK.COM was earlier Ask Jeeves. He was also born in 1996. This is a question-answer site. The focus was on e-business and web search engines. Its founder’s name is Garrett Gruener and David Warthen from California.


By the way, in today’s time, Google is a billion trillions of companies, which has made its own place in the Oxford Dictionary, which is a verb. But two Ph.D. students, named Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who were students of Stanford University, California, met there in 1995 and that’s where the search engine started.

In 1996, when Sergey Brin and Larry Page were studying Ph.D., they thought of doing something different in the research project of their Ph.D. and they thought ” If we rank the website with another website, it would be great, then it would be great, at that time the way of ranking them was, the number of times they were searched, In that webpage, they will rank according to that and that is the image of Google today. Initially, he named it BACKRUB. In 1997, the two named the search engine “Google”.

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